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The purpose of the book is to answer the question, “Should Christians tithe?”

The answer to the question, “Should Christians give?”, is a resounding “Yes.

However, the answer to the question, “Should Christians tithe?” is, quite simply, “No” — and for good reasons.

The central message of the book is that we are free to give in the way of the Spirit, and we are not bound to give in the way of the old Law.

This book examines five of the most popular arguments in favor of the tithe and contrasts them against the model for Christian giving as revealed through the teachings of New Testament. Most importantly, motive is addressed as the crucial element of giving that pleases God. Far from discouraging Christians from giving (especially to their local church), this book challenges its readers to freely give in all areas of life according to the Holy Spirit.

It is available in .PDF format which makes it readable on any computer platform.

It is around 80 pages in length, and it is 1 MB in size.