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Readers have submitted some very strange stories regarding tithing practices in their churches. See how crazy things get when people question the tithe.

Kicked Out of Church Over Tithing (Part 2)

Since we last communicated, my husband and I, after much prayer,
have left this particular church. We left as graciously as
possible. Our decision wasn’t received well and, we were
‘booted to the other side of the tracks’. The neat thing is the
freedom in the Lord we have experienced this past year, first
through the process [...]

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Kicked Out of Church Over Tithing

This letter came to me from Brenda. It is a sad story 
about how some preachers won’t allow honest inquiry 
into this subject.
–Author, BDP

Hi, This is hard writing this to someone I don’t know, but the
tithing issue isn’t something we can just talk about to anyone.
So if you’ll allow be to just get stuff off my chest [...]

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Reply from


Hey- just wanted to let you know we got this, and I took a look at the
book. Really, really liked what I saw – I think it’s a great resource
and a very thorough look at an issue that is near and dear to my own
heart, and that I think Father wants to see redeemed in [...]

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