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Ask the author more in depth questions on tithing. Ask his opinion on church matters, Christian money-practices, etc.

Question on Abraham and Melchizedek

I got this question from Kenneth B.
I wanted to ask for clarification on a couple of points, and
since I didn’t print out a copy of your book I’ll just wing it
and hope you can recall the page number.

1. When Abram returned after the slaughter of the five kings,
do you really think that he [...]

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Question About the Tithe Being Food

This was a question sent to me from Talitha, a very astute reader who said my arguments could be even stronger. Way to go, Talitha!

Hi my brother in Christ,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for the book that you have written and made available on the net. I am an elder/pastor of [...]

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